Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body 6″ CL600

Data Sheet

Bore Full bore Valve Rating ASME B16.34 CL600
Valve Type Floating Ball Valve,Two Piece Size Range 6″
Ends RF Material ASTM A351 CF8
Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch

1) Parts Material

Body ASTM A351 CF8 Seat Ring PTFE
Ball ASTM A182 F304 Packing Graphite
Stem ASTM A182 F304 Flange gland ASTM A351 CF8
Operater Gear box Gasket 304+Graphite
Bolt ASTM A193 B8 Nut ASTM A194-8

2) Standards & Specifications

Design standard API 598 Face to Face ASME B16.10
Fire safe API 607 Inspection & test ISO5208

3) Valve Details

Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 1. Full bore design

Two piece construction;

This structure is more convenient for disassembly valve disassembly and internal parts maintenance replacement;

Full-bore design provides big flow control.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 2. Bolted bonnet connection

ZJCLV ball valve adopts the standard bolts and nuts. It could extend the valve longer service life.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 3. Double Block And Bleed (DBB)

This trunnion pipeline ball valve can be designed with the double sealing structure before and after the ball for some special service conditions and user requirements. It has double piston effect. Under normal condition, the valve generally adopts primary sealing. When the primary seat sealing is damaged and causes leakage,the secondary seat can play the function of sealing and enhance the sealing reliability.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 4. Emergency Sealing Device

This ball valves 6″ is designed with sealant injection device on stem and seat. When the seat ring or stem O ring is damaged due to accident, the corresponding sealant can be injected by the sealant injection device to avoid medium leakage on seat ring and stem. If necessary, the auxiliary sealing system can be used for washing and lubricating the seat to maintain its cleanliness.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 5. Anti-static Structure 

This ball valve is provided with the anti-static structure and adopts the static electricity discharge device to directly form a static channel between the ball and body or form a static channel between the ball and body through the stem,so as to discharge the static electricity produced due to friction during the opening and closing of ball and seat through the pipeline,avoiding fire or explosion that may be caused by static spark and ensuring system safety.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 7.Low Operating Torque

The floating ball valve adopts the design of flexible sealring structure. When the medium pressure is lower, thecontact area of seal ring and ball is smaller,so highersealing ratio is formed at the place where the seal ringand ball contact to ensure reliable sealing. When the medium pressure is higher, the contact area of seal ringand ball becomes bigger along with the elasticdeformation of seal ring, so the seal ring can endurehigher medium thrust without being damaged.


Trunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch 8.Blow-out Proof Stem

ZJCLV stem adopts the blow-out proof structure.The stem is designed with the footstep at its bottom so that with the positioning of upper end cover and screw, the stem will not be blown out by the medium even in case of abnormal pressure rise in the valve cavity.

4) Features of  ball valves

1.Low fluid resistance: full port ball valve has no resistance from the media.

2.Good sealing: the sealing surface is big so easy sealed.

3.Fast switching: PTFE and other flexible material has the merit of good self-lubricant; and to metal sealing, the bottom ring under ball adopts springs to make the sealing rings and ball to be closely sealed so the open will be very light if the outside pressure is bigger than the spring reload.

4.Convenient maintenance, the seat is replaceable, easy to disassemble and change.

5) Process ControlTrunnion Mounted Ball valves CF8 Body CL600 6inch

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