Working Principle of Pneumatic Valve

September 26th 2022

The so-called pneumatic valve, specifically refers to the cylinder as the actuator, with compressed air as the power source to achieve the drive of the valve, to achieve the switch adjustment. When the regulating pipe receives the control signal from the automatic control system, it will adjust the temperature, pressure, flow and other related parameters. In general, pneumatic valves have the characteristics of safety and reliability, rapid response and simple control.

During the specific operation, the film will push after the signal pressure of 0.02-0.10mpa is input into the air chamber. During the downward movement of the thrust disc, the spring will be compressed to realize the downward movement of the valve stem, push rod and valve core, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the valve.

Working Principle of Pneumatic Valve

The Pneumatic 3 Way Ball Valve

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