Valve Sealing Structure Protective Measures

December 21st 2022

In order to ensure the effect of valve sealing structure, it is necessary to improve the protective measures. This needs to ensure that the length of the welding bolt on the valve disc is not too long, or it will cause the phenomenon of overhead sealing surface, and the sealing effect will be affected. To select a suitable adjustment pad, the thickness should be slightly lower than or equal to the step height of the disc sealing surface, so that the sealing pad and disc sealing surface can be tightly fitted, in the same plane.

Also fully consider the use of fluid medium conditions to avoid medium corrosion and high temperature deformation and other factors affecting the use of the ball valve seat design.Valve seat sealing surface damage degree is more serious, valve seat to be scrapped, spool through improvement and valve seat with the same specification for matching applications. Adjust the valve to be well marked to effectively avoid, open and shut, do not affect the life of the gasket. The application of the improved method can greatly improve the use effect of valve sealing structure, which is suitable for the streamline type globe valve with simple structure, and the fluid structure requires different types of valves not to be used.

Valve Sealing Structure Protective Measures Valve Sealing Structure Protective Measures

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