Valve Maintenance Management at Construction Stage

June 7th 2023

In the construction phase, the valve of natural gas pipeline should be maintained in a scientific and effective way to ensure the safety of the valve. Strictly control the loading and unloading process of the valve to prevent it from mechanical damage. When lifting the valve, it is forbidden to tie the hanging rope to the actuator or the valve stem, so as to avoid bending of the valve stem, failure of valve diameter seal and damage to the gear box.

Valve Maintenance Management at Construction Stage

Gear Operated Ball Valve

In the delivery process of valve factory, easy blind plates should be installed at both ends to avoid impurities in the process of valve transportation and installation; In the process of construction, the valve and its components should be placed in accordance with the requirements, so as not to damage the blow down nozzle and grease nozzle and other parts; In addition, full lubrication of the valve before ball valve installation is also very important, to timely test the flow of grease channel.

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