Types of Globe Valves

August 25th 2022

Globe valves appear in all aspects of society, but there are many types of them. We can divide different globe valves according to many conditions.

The Body Design

Globe valves can be roughly divided into three categories according to the valve body design: T, Y, Angle globe valve.

Actuated Globe Valves

1.Manual Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

As its name, this valve is opened or closed manually. It is generally installed with a handle or a handwheel. Large valves are fitted with turbines. Choosing it is the premise of the safe working environment, and the manual shut-off valve is also an economical choice.

2.Pneumatic Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

The Pneumatic globe valve, also known as “cut gate”, is one of the most widely used valves. The popularity is owed to it’s reliable sealing, small opening and closing torque, and easy operation. However, with large fluid resistance,  pneumatic globe valve require large force to open and close; it is not suitable for media with particles, being high viscosity, easy coking and poor adjustment performance (because of the balance hole in the valve body); Large size and other shortcomings, so its scope of use has been limited.

3.Electric Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

The electric globe valve consists of an electric actuator,  or a pneumatic actuator and a globe valve. Its closing part is a valve body, and the valve body rotates around the center line of the valve body to achieve opening and closing. It is simple in structure, good in sealing and easy to maintenance. The most important thing is that it is easy to operate, and there is no need to manually operate at close range.

4.Hydraulic Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

Hydraulic globe valves are mainly used to control the flow and cut-off of oil in hydraulic system pipelines and integrated oil circuits. The valve core is hydraulically balanced, with small opening force and reliable sealing performance.

Globe Valve Disk Types

Types of Globe Valves

1.Composition Disk

The composition disc uses a hard, nonmetallic insert ring design to create a tighter closure. For high temperature and pressure applications, composition disks are used due to the sufficient resilience and erosion resistance.

2.Ball Disk

The seat and disc construction is made of a ball-shaped metal disc. This possesses a short taper and it easily fits against a flat-surfaced seat in the body. Even though the ball disc is capable of throttling flow, it is primarily used to start and stop the flow.

3.Plug Disk

The plug disc is the best among all three globe valve disk designs, which is suitable for throttling services. A long tapered metal plug is made into a plug disc that seats into a cone generating a wide seating surface.

Location of Threads on Stem

Types of Globe Valves

The thread of the globe valve stem is on the outside of the valve body.  In addition, the valve stem is not eroded by the medium and is easy to lubricate. This structure is relatively common.

Lower Threaded Stem Vlobe Valve

The thread of the globe valve stem is in the valve body. The stem thread of this structure is directly contact with the medium, which is easily corroded and cannot be lubricated. This structure is used in places with small diameters and low temperatures.



Types of Globe Valves

This is the simplest design available, and it is usually used for inexpensive valves.


Types of Globe Valves

This is the most popular design and is used in a large number of globe valves. This requires a gasket to seal the joint between the body and the bonnet.


Types of Globe Valves

This is a popular design where disassembly is not required. They are lighter than bolted-bonnet counterparts.

4. Pressure-Seal

Types of Globe Valves

This type is used extensively in high-pressure, high-temperature applications. The higher the body cavity pressure, the greater the force on the gasket in a pressure-seal valve.


Types of Globe Valves

Flanged globe valves are mandatory sealing valves. The force required to open and close is large, and the adjustment of performance is also poor. But it has a long life, and is also easy to maintain.

Sealed Form

1.Bellows Sealed Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

The sealing of the bellows sealing structure is quite reliable, and it is mainly used in flammable, toxic and corrosive pipelines.

2.Packing Seal Globe Valve

Types of Globe Valves

The packing sealing structure also has good sealing performance,  and it is convenient to manufacture. What’s more, with low cost, and it is widely used in valves.

There are many types of globe valves, and they are suitable for different working environments. If you want to know more about globe valves, please contact us : www.clvvalve.com