The Ways to Detect Valve Leakage

October 10th 2022

At present, for valve leakage, the relevant departments have not too systematic detection method, now generally divided into two categories: direct detection method and indirect detection method. The direct detection method mainly includes gas detection. And indirect detection methods include conservation law method, flow balance detection method, operating pressure detection method and ultrasonic detection method.

Here are two ways to detect valve leakage.

1.Operating Pressure Method

This method is convenient and fast to use, and its principle is similar to that of a communicator. It is mainly used for the detection of transportation materials with slow flow velocity and the leakage of serious materials.

2.Conservation Law Method

This method is based on the application of the law of conservation of energy, its shortcomings are serious, cannot be prevented in advance, and only after the leakage problem can be detected, as long as it is to detect the mass of the transport material, when the mass flow of the material changes significantly, can be detected. So it’s rarely used to detect oil spills.

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The Ways to Detect Valve Leakage