The Types and Characteristics of Valves

July 29th 2021

If we want to figure out the reasons of valve leakage, we need to know what kind of valves and types they are. This passage is mainly about the types and characteristics of valves.

According to the form of seal, valves can be divided into contact seal and non-contact seal. Contact sealing is to make the sealing surface contact, press and embed with the help of external force, so as to eliminate the internal gap. Non – contact seal can be achieved without external force. According to the material characteristics of sealing surface, valve seal can be divided into plastic seal, elastic seal, lapping seal and controlled film seal. Among them, the plastic seal is realized through the mutual contact and extrusion of the plastic sealing surface. This sealing method has the advantages of large contact surface, uniform distribution of specific pressure and easy processing, but the reliability is slightly worse.

Generally, the elastic seal adopts the linear contact mode and requires the shape of the contact surface to have more precise machining size. The elastic seal has the advantages of high temperature and high pressure resistance. Lapping sealing is the use of precision grinding surface for sealing, although the grinding surface deformation is very small, but because of the high grinding accuracy, only a small external force can achieve reliable sealing, so it is very suitable for high parameter sealing occasions; Controlled membrane seal is through the balance of sealing force and liquid pressure to adjust the seal gap, controlled membrane can be controlled by the electronic system, or by thermal expansion and contraction of natural conditions to control, controlled membrane seal mode is mainly used for high speed and high pressure occasions.

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The Types and Characteristics of Valves