The methods of Valve Leak Detection (1)

January 6th 2023

This passage is mainly about the soap bubble method and special tracer method.

The methods of Valve Leak Detection (1)

1.Soap Bubble Method

When the soap bubble method is used to check the leakage of the valve, after filling the leakage gas with a certain pressure in the valve, apply soap liquid where there is suspected to be a leak hole, and the place where the soap bubble is formed is the place where the leak hole exists. It is usually observed manually to determine the size of the bubble.

2.Special Tracer Method

When the special tracer method is used for valve leak detection, the fluid containing special tracer with certain pressure is filled in the valve. When the special tracer escapes from the leak hole, the location of the leak hole is found by using the special tracer detection device. The most common special tracer is helium gas, which is detected with a helium mass spectrometer.

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The methods of Valve Leak Detection (1)

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