The Improvement of the Butterfly Valve Sealing Structure

March 27th 2023

The improvement of the butterfly valve sealing structure is relatively important, which needs to be elaborated. The current butterfly valve sealing structure butterfly plate is facing the compression state, the sealing effect is relatively good, the media reverse pressure on the butterfly plate process, the sealing effect is affected by the corresponding, especially the large diameter valve problem is more obvious. In the process of valve sealing structure improvement, it is necessary to strengthen attention from the design of the structure, to ensure the two-way metal sealing butterfly valve two-way sealing good effect.

The Improvement of the Butterfly Valve Sealing Structure

Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve

The fixing of lower valve shaft and valve body requires a tight transition fit to minimize the fit gap and timely change the stress support point of butterfly plate, which can effectively reduce the deformation of butterfly plate under compression. In addition, through the double eccentric spherical structure and elastic thin wall metal ring structure to achieve the displacement compensation and compensation of elastic change. When the valve is open to be completely separated and will not cause wear the use of rust resistant steel to avoid rust. When the valve is closed, the butterfly plate is pressed in the right direction, which will make the displacement inner diameter of the elastic metal sealing ring larger and the specific pressure value will rise. But it can guarantee the minimum specific pressure value of sealing and improve the reverse sealing effect.

Our ball valve gate valve butterfly valve can greatly increase the sealing effect and improve efficiency of butterfly valve through professional design.