The Characteristics of Valves Commonly Used in Chemical Pipeline Design(2)

June 15th 2021

As we all know, chemical products are generally corrosive, flammable, explosive and other characteristics, which put forward higher requirements for the selection of valves. And the choice of the valve is very important in the chemical pipe design, which to a certain extent, determines the quality of pipeline design work, so on the concrete when the choice must be to the characteristics of the valve in common understanding, on the basis of careful to choose. From previous passage we’ve known the characteristics of three valves. In this paper, We continue to learn the characteristics of butterfly valve, plug valve and ball valve.

1. Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is often used in the design of chemical pipeline. It is characterized by small volume and light weight, and its structure is also very simple. These characteristics bring great convenience to the application process. In the process of practical application, workers tend to use it more in some work with large flow. In the process of practical work, it also shows some advantages and has been widely used accordingly. But at the same time, we can also find that in the process of using the butterfly valve, the temperature is often not too high, because it is sensitive to temperature, once the temperature is higher, it will affect its normal working process, make it poor sealing.

2. Plug Valves

In the chemical pipeline design work, compared to other types of manufacturing costs, this valve is relatively high. At the same time, it also has many advantages. First, the plug valve in the working process of sealing is very good; Secondly, it is very convenient to close the valve after opening; And the use of the valve cycle is very long. Finally, the valve in use process can better realize the bidirectional closed. It also makes the superiority characteristic of its application range is wide, and on some polluting the stronger material transport can also achieve good sealing work has strong value and function. But it cost expensive sex is affected to some extent it spread more widely and use.

3. Ball Valves

A ball valve is a valve type very similar to a plug valve. According to its body structure, ball valves can be divided into three types: one-piece ball valve, two-piece ball valve and three-piece ball valve. Ball valves to a certain extent followed the advantages of plug valves, can be better for some temperature being not high, strong pressure and strong viscosity of the material to transport. But its cost is much lower than the plug valve, maintenance is also more convenient than other valves. Therefore, it has been more widely used. It is worth noting that if some requirements for flow control aspects of the work, the use of ball valves is not very convenient, because it is not a good flow to regulate and control.

The Characteristics of Valves Commonly Used in Chemical Pipeline Design(2)