Daily Operation Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipeline Valve

From the previous article, we learned how to maintain valves in long distance natural gas pipelines. It is also important to maintain the valves like the flow control ball valve in the daily operation of natural gas pipelines valve. This passage is about the daily operation maintenance of natural gas pipeline valve.

Daily Operation Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipeline Valve

Gas Pipeline Ball Valves

1. Maintenance of Valve Rotating Parts

As the valve needs to be moved many times in daily operation, it is necessary to ensure good flexibility of rotating parts. The valve flexibility can be checked regularly, cleaned regularly and injected into the sealing system of the seat or body with a small amount of grease, thereby reducing the friction between metals, reducing the valve switching torque and avoiding the valve locking problem.


2. Paintenance of Valve during Grease Injection

The amount of grease injected is a very important issue when the valve is operated. Too little grease may lead to faster wear of the valve, while too much grease may cause unnecessary waste. Therefore, in the grease injection operation, according to the type of valve, switch frequency, flow medium, tube temperature, type of grease injection and grease pressure and other factors for comprehensive consideration, so as to ensure the reasonable amount of grease injection.


3. Valve Packing Maintenance

The lack of valve packing can lead to valve leakage, so it is necessary to extend the service life of the valve by checking the packing of stem bearing regularly, replenishing when insufficient, and lubricating with proper injection of new grease.


4. Other Maintenance Measures

In addition to the above maintenance measures accident, but also regularly through the sewage nozzle to carry out sewage maintenance valve, to avoid the valve in cold weather frozen problems; Check the flange, grease inlet and valve stem for leakage. Make good valve maintenance log, so as to ensure the normal operation of natural gas pipeline valve.



With the increasing application of natural gas in China, the construction of long distance natural gas pipeline is also increasing. Only through scientific and effective maintenance and maintenance of the valve of long distance natural gas pipeline, can it provide an important guarantee for the safety and efficiency of pipeline transportation.