ZJCLV Non-Slam Check Valve Manual

1. Production Introduction

Non-slam check valve is a new concept series. This product is  designed according to the basic principle of differential flow adjustable valve. The internal flow channel of the Non-slam check valve adopts a streamline design and is provided with a guiding fluid. It is mainly used at the pump outlet or other places to prevent the backflow of liquid. It can prevent the water hammer impact and noise caused by the backflow of the ordinary check valve. It is silently closed and has good sealing performance. It is a product of the replacement of the check valve.

2. Main Characteristics

a.  Adopt double sealing structure. Regardless of the pressure behind the valve, the valve is closed tightly and has good sealing performance, which overcomes the disadvantage of poor sealing performance of general check valves under medium and low pressure conditions.

b.  At low flow rates, the valve can be fully opened, and different impedances can be selected to meet the requirements of different situation. Under normal circumstances, the valve opens and closes quickly. If the user needs, it can also be designed as a check valve with a slow-closing structure to meet the needs of its device.

c. The streamlined flow channel and the diversion structure are adopted, and the valve flow resistance is small.

d. The springs are designed as Class I springs and are normally made of stainless steel.

3. Installation Illusion

a. The valve is not limited by the installation position and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

b. Before installation, thoroughly remove the garbage and sundries in the pipeline to prevent the garbage from jamming the valve seat and valve disc during use, resulting in non-stop return or damage to the valve seat and valve disc. Please install a filter before the valve.

c. When installing, pay attention to the arrow indicating the water flow outside the valve, and follow the installation direction.

d. When the valve is not used for a long time, or when the water does not flow, please pay attention to preventing freezing and drain the water in the valve.

4. The Main Technical Data

Nominal pressure PN(MPa) 1.0  1.6 2.5 4.0  6.4  10.0
Shell test(MPa) 1.5 2.4 3.75 6.0  9.6 15.0
Working temperature 0~200℃
Media Water, oil, etc

5. Simple Diagram

ZJCLV Non-Slam Check Valve Manual

1— Body;

2— Seat;

3— Disc;

4— Spring;

5— Guide Sleeve;

6— Guide Cover.

ZJCLV Non-Slam Check Valve Manual
ZJCLV Non-Slam Check Valve Manual