Causes of Valve Leakage in Pipeline Engineering

In the process of pipeline engineering construction, valve leakage will cause pipeline engineering cannot be scheduled; Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of valve leakage in oil and gas pipeline engineering, and take effective measures to prevent and eliminate valve leakage.

Causes of Valve Leakage in Pipeline Engineering

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Cause Analysis of Valve Leakage

Valve leakage generally can be divided into two types: external leakage and internal leakage. Internal leakage refers to the reason that the valve is not closed strictly due to erosion and wear of the conveying medium, and the sealing surface is scratched, and the valve cannot completely prevent the transmission from passing after the valve is completely closed. Leakage generally refers to the valve body itself defects, flange connection surface or connection thread between the airtight causes the transmission medium outflow or leakage to the valve body.

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The improvement of industrial level makes the use of various valves increase dramatically, and energy enterprises also put forward higher requirements for the sealing performance of valves.

In practical work, valve leakage events occur from time to time, so it is necessary to study the causes of valve leakage and the detection method. The causes of valve leakage are various, and its influence degree is different, according to different application conditions, different measures can be taken to prevent valve leakage. Therefore, only according to the specific situation of the valve seal analysis, such as ball valve seal material, targeted to improve the level of protection, in order to achieve good results.

The Importance of the Tightness of Valve Plays

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The Importance of the Tightness of Valve Plays