Precautions for Installation & Maintenance 丨 Ball Valves

A ball valve is a valve with a ball as the closing part. The main function of the ball valve is to cut off and connect the fluid in the pipe. And it is mainly used for oil and gas storage and transportation. And it is used for controlling medium in chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, food industry, shipbuilding and other industries.

Precautions for Installation & Maintenance 丨 Ball Valves

1. Complete all welding works before valve installation. In the meanwhile, be sure the flange has cooled to ambient  temperature before installing the ball valve.

2. During assembly, metal debris, fiber, grease, dust, other impurities, and other pollution are not allowed to stay on the surface of parts or enter into the inner cavity.

3. During disassembly and reassembly, it is necessary to protect the sealing parts, especially the non-metallic parts.

4. When reassembling the ball valve body, the bolts must be tightened symmetrically, step by step.


1. Before assembly, clean the new parts.

2. Clean the disassembled single parts  by immersion.

3. Using compatible cleaning agent and lubricating grease with the parts of valves. If the  medium is gas, gasoline (gb484-89) can be used to clean metal parts and clean non-metallic parts with pure water or alcohol. What’s more, apply a thin layer of grease on the surface of the seal installation groove, the rubber seal, and the valve rod.

4. Do not soak the non metallic parts  for a long time.

5. After cleaning, it is necessary to wait for the wall cleaning agent to volatilize (wipe it with silk cloth not soaked with cleaning agent). But do not put it aside for too long in case  it will rust and be polluted by dust.

Installation Inspection


1. Once the installation is complete, operate the valve several times to ensure it is free from impingement and rotating through its full 90 degree operation.

2. According to the design requirements of pipeline pressure, check the sealing performance of the joint surface between ball valve and pipeline flange after pressure is applied.


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Precautions for Installation & Maintenance 丨 Ball Valves