What is an API Ball Valve?

1. What is an API Ball Valve?

API ball valve is designed and manufactured in API 6D & API 608, which is mainly used on the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the direction of medium flow. The working principle is to make the valve unblocked or blocked by rotating the valve.


2. The Strengths of API Ball Valve

API ball valve is widely used in different industries for its multiple strengths, such as reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. And the sealing surface and spherical surface are often in a closed state, which can not easy to be eroded by media. Besides, the ball valve switch is light and small.


3. Below are the Details of API Ball Valve :

What is an API Ball Valve?

(1) Item Model Number: Q41

 i Nominal Size: 1/2″-8

ii Nominal pressure: 150Lb-600Lb10K-40K

iiiBody material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M


(2) Material of Main Parts of  API Ball Valve

Left Body A216-WCB A351-CF8 A351-CF3 A351-CF8M A351-CF3M
Ball B2-B8 A105-1025 A182-F304L A182-F304L A132-F316 A182-F316L
Ball Above B8 A216-WCB A351-CF8M A351-CF3 A351-CF8M A351-CF3M
Ball valve Stem A182-F6a A182-F304 A182-F304L A182-F336 A182-F316L
Ball valve Seat PTFE/Reinforced PTFE NYLON PTFE Reinforced PTFE Nylon
Seat support ring A105-1025 A182-F304 A182-F304L A182-F316 A182-F316L
Spring INCONEL X750/17-4PH
O-ring Viton
BOLT A193-B7 A193-B8
NUT A194-2H A194-8

3)Other Standards

a. Length Standard: ASME B16.10

b. Flange Standard: ASME B16.5 (NPS<24) or ASME B16.47 (NPS>26)

c. Weld end standard: ASME B16.25

d. Appearance inspection standard: MSS SP54

e. Inspection and pressure testing standards: API 598 or API 6D or API 600

f. Pressure temperature class: ASME B16.34


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