The Importance of Pipeline Valve Maintenance and the Existing Problems

June 29th 2018

  As a professional valve factory, ZJCLV valve designs and manufactures strictly according to the international standard as API and DIN standards, and we offer experienced instructions to customers to maintain the pipeline valve and prevent the existing problems.

  The main function of the valve in long distance natural gas pipeline is to control the flow, flow direction and cut off of natural gas in the pipeline, and to adjust the pressure and flow rate in the pipeline, which plays a very important role in protecting the normal operation of long distance natural gas pipeline. Therefore, the valve maintenance and maintenance work are of great significance. This paper mainly analyzes the importance of pipeline valve maintenance and the existing problems.

1. Importance of Operation and Maintenance

  Among the various modes of energy transportation, pipeline transportation is a very important way. Especially in China, due to the problem of uneven energy distribution, the transportation often needs to cross a long distance. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for pipelines. And as one of an important part of pipeline, pipeline valve can satisfy the use of different user needs, for natural gas pipeline valve, if there is a problem caused the pipe blockage or gas leakage, is extremely easy to cause a huge loss, affect the normal use for energy downstream customers, or even cause safety accidents. In order to prevent valve problems in natural gas transmission pipeline, it is necessary to strengthen its maintenance and maintenance work and prevent possible problems in advance.

  Ask us freely if you need any help of your valve maintenance, ZJCLV engineers are always here to service to you, not only to our customers but also to you all who has the problems.

2. The Condition of Valve in Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline

  On the construction of gas pipeline at present already quite mature and perfect, but in the process of actual use, the valve parts will still has some problems, such as: due to the error in the transport, installation, the valve, lifting, handling such problems as unreasonable, internal valve into the impurities, will cause certain damage to or body of valve sealing ring; If the line overheats during valve welding, the sealing ring inside the valve can be severely scalded, affecting the tightness of the valve and leading to internal leakage during valve commissioning. If the internal leakage problem is not dealt with in time, it may cause a wider leakage problem. In addition, when the valve is in a high temperature, humidity or pressure environment, coupled with the chemical reaction between the metals in the pipeline, will also cause some corrosion of the natural gas valve, resulting in the pipeline cannot be safe and stable operation.

The Importance of Pipeline Valve Maintenance and the Existing Problems