The Causes of Valve Leakage(1)

March 29th 2021

Valve leakage happen normally in the natural gas field and station. There are several causes of valve leakage.


1.Sealing Sub-Structure

Because the sealing pair is working under a certain external pressure, and the general sealing pair material is not absolute rigid body, due to the action of the force will inevitably occur small deformation, and these small deformation for liquid or gas medium is a serious leakage channel. Different sealing structure has different sealing performance, such as face seal and line seal display is not the same.


2.Quality of Sealing Pair

The quality of sealing pair is mainly reflected in material selection, surface type matching and machining accuracy. For example, under the same conditions of surface matching and machining accuracy, when the material plasticity is better, the sealing performance will be better. If the surface type does not match, even if the machining accuracy is good, it is difficult to make up for the adverse effects caused by the surface type mismatch.

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