Floating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2”

ZJCLV Ball valves for cryogenic applications are available in floating or trunnion mounted ball and in side-entry or top-entry. The most lowest temperature can produce is -196 Degree C.


API Floating Ball valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2”

Data Sheet

Bore Reduced Bore Valve Rating ASME B16.34 CL150
Valve Type Floating Ball Valve,Two Piece Size Range 2X1-1/2″
Ends ASME B16.5/RF Material ASTM A351 CF8M


1) Parts Material

Body/Bonnet A351 CF8M Stem ASTM A182 316
Ball ASTM A182 316 Seat PTFE
Bonnet Bolt A193 B8M Bonnet Nut A194 8M


2) Valve Details

Floating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2” 1. Reduced Bore Design

Two piece construction;

The reduced diameter ball valve is more suitable for reducing the load in the pipeline.


Floating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2” 2. Extended Stem Structure

Ball valve stem is designed to be extension stem structure that is easy to keep cold according to different operating temperature requirements, so as to ensure that the temperature at the bottom of packing is kept above 0°C to prevent the temperature being too high.



Floating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2” 3. Flange Face End

The Raised Face is based on ASME B16.5 standard requirements, with specific roughness requirements, ensuring that the surface is both flexible and provides high-quality sealing.


Floating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2” 4. Locking Limit Device

The 90°open and close positioning piece with lock hole is designed to avoid valve misoperation caused due to handle operation by non-operators, and it can also prevent valve opening or closing, or other accidents caused by pipeline vibration or unpredictable factors.


3) Usage

Cryogenic ball valve is mainly used in ethylene, liquefied natural gas and other chemical plants, the output of liquid low temperature medium such as ethyfene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and so on. This kind of medium is not only inflammable and explosive, but also to gasity when heating up. gasification expands the body hundreds of times. And these medium permeable force is strong, easy leak, process makes more dificult.

4) Process ControlFloating Ball Valves CF8M Body CL150 2X1-1/2”

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