DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8


Technical Specification:

DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8 Design Standard DIN 3356
Nominal Pressure PN40
Nominal Diameter DN200
Body ASTM A216 WCB
Seat ASTM A105+STL
Disc ASTM A216 WCB+13Cr
Hinge Pin ASTM A216 WCB
Cotter Pin SS
Yoke ASTM A216 WCB
Stud ASTM A193 B7
Nut ASTM A194 2H
End Connection EN 1092-1
Test & Inspection API 598
Suitable Temp -29℃~425℃
Suitable Media Water/Steam/Oil

DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8


Product Details:

DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8 1. Full port design

Disc is swing type, straight flow, can be installed both in horizontal and vertical pipes. Casting steel swing check valve hinge and pin is built-in structure to reduce external leakage defects. Bolted bonnet, no other actuator, makes the product light weight and reliable in sealing.


DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8

2. Standard thickness as DIN

ZJCLV valves are designed both standard thick on body and flanges, so reliable for exposure shell performance and pressure resistance as 1.5times than the standard pressure so for long time usage.The valve weight is more than standard. Note: many cheaper valves from other companies always reduce the body thickness to save cost. So it is important to check not only the flange thickness but also the valve weight too simply to difference the good and bad valves.


DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8 3. Non-penetrate Disc Shaft

Non-penetrate disc is fastened securely to disc hanger with a lock nut and cotter pin. Disc hanger is supported on a sturdy disc carrier hinge pin of excellent bearing qualities. All parts are accessible from top for easy servicing.


DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8 4. Bolted bonnet connection

Our DN200 swing check valves are designed with standard thickness for bonnet with replaceable back seat as ASTM A276 410. More the bolts and nuts on bonnets are also standard. The bolts are full screws as ASTM A193 Gr.B7, and nuts are ASTM A194 Gr.2H.


DIN Swing Check Valve PN40 DN200 Trim8

5. Renewable seat rings

No external leakage, good sealing performance, little linear vibration, low pressure drops, etc.


• Compact and reasonable product structure, reliable tightness and good performance;
• Smooth fluid passageway and small fluid resistance;
• Swing type disc.
• Rapid closing and flexible actions of the valve disc .
• Small closing impact, water hammer is not liable to be generated.
• Smooth fluid passageway and small fluid resistance.

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