API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8



Globe valve is a forced sealing valve, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the sealing surface to not leak. When the medium enters the valve from below the disc, the resistance that the operating force needs to overcome is the friction force of the valve stem and the packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of the medium.


Globe Valve Specifications:

Design Standard:
BS 1873
Nominal Pressure: Class300
Nominal Diameter: 8″
Body Material: ASTM A216 WCB
Wedge Material: ASTM A216 WCB +13Cr
Seat Ring Material:
Stem Material: ASTM A182 F6a
End Connection: Flange RF as ASME B16.5
Face To Face: ASME B16.10;L = 559mm
Working Temperature: -29℃~425℃
Test And Inspection: API 598

API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8


Product Description:

API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8  

•Valve body shape is beautiful in shape as spherical or streamline, flow shape is straight, fluid resistance is small.

•The valve disc and seat sealing pair adopt cone sealing, sundries are not easy to fall on the sealing surface, closing force is small, resistant to erosion, sealing is reliable.

•The valve seat is replaceable, can be arbitrarily combined with the sealing surface material pairing, to meet the requirements of working conditions, extend the service life.


Flanged Globe Valve Applications

Flanged Globe Valve is widely used in printing, dyeing, bleaching, food, washing, chemical, water treatment and many other automated machinery and equipment. 


API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8 API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8 API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8
1.Full port body design

Symmetry port,Good for medium flow. Sophisticated process, precision production. Strong toughness, high pressure resistance, and  high pressure and crack resistance of thickness.

2.Thickness standard Body

Sealing surface is not easy to wear and scratch, and it has a good sealing surface and long service life.

3.BB, bolted bonnet

Well-made, convenient and durable, Strong versatility,            Sophisticated process, precision production.

API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8 API Globe Valves CL300 8in WCB Trim8
4. OS&Y, outside screw and yoke

OS&Y( outside screw & yoke as rising stem type)is convenient and durable, which is advantageous for the lubrication of the valve stem and the degree of opening and closing is obvious.

5. Rising stem handwheel

Saving effort in opening and closing, beautiful design, easy to operate, strict standard.Fully in strict accounting with the latest API Version.


Petroleum chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, real estate, municipal engineering and other industries.


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