Problems in Valve Fault Monitoring

June 21st 2023

With the progress of science and technology and the development of industry in China, the safety requirements of mechanical products are becoming higher and higher, more and more strict. At the same time, the continuous development of mechanical products has become more and more complex, the factors affecting its failure have become more and more complex, and the loss caused by its failure is also increasing. Therefore, the system analysis of mechanical fault, especially valve fault is very important.

The current fault monitoring has the following problems: the valve selection monitoring is not in place, the selection of valves do not pay attention to the quality of the valve, the selection of poor quality of the valve leads to a short service life, not conducive to improving work efficiency; According to the use situation, it is forbidden to monitor the use of the valve in the use process, the valve is seriously damaged; Valve maintenance and monitoring not in place. If the valve is damaged during maintenance, the system will be damaged.

Problems in Valve Fault Monitoring
soft seated ball valve

ZJCLV valve in the production process, in the selection of materials like ball valve seat material, design, production process, ring monitoring. Select the best materials, professional design, specialized production and strict testing to ensure the quality of the valve.