Maintenance Before Valve Operation of Natural Gas Pipeline Valves

August 19th 2021

The maintenance of natural gas pipeline valve is of great significance to the safety and efficiency of natural gas pipeline transportation.This paper puts forward several specific valve maintenance measures. Valve maintenance is divided into two parts, namely, pre-operation maintenance and daily operation maintenance. This article focuses on pre-operation maintenance.

1. Selection of  Valve Raw Materials

ZJCLV valve choose the best and qualified casting steel material which is 20% cost higher, and all valves are painted for high temperature and anti-corrosion paint material which is 30% higher cost than other factory. We do PMI test for the incoming casting steel to ensure the chemical composition of the material is as standard.

Because the valve is not a one-use product, it has higher requirements on the quality and service life of its materials. Secondly, because the valve of the long natural gas pipeline is generally in the external environment, it is easy to be corroded by various materials, so it is necessary for its materials to have strong corrosion resistance. In addition, the relevant ASME/DIN standards and the price of materials are also important factors in the selection of raw materials for valves.

2. Maintenance of  Valve Storage

When storing the valve, we check the appearance, nameplate and relevant document information, and conduct strength and sealing test on the valve. If the valve parts are damaged or lost in the valve handling, timely complete, and do the corresponding inspection records and warehousing procedures to our ERP system. Secondly, to do a good job of cleaning the storage valve, use anti-rust agent or anti-rust sticker to prevent the processing surface of the valve, valve stem, sealing surface and other rust, disease on the valve import and export closed. If the valve is temporarily cannot put in storage, should be placed in dry and ventilated temporary huts, and ensure that the valve stem position up or flat, through apply grease to protect of valve sealing surface, two ports closed valve, use butter, grease, etc. Close the mouth by stuffing box, finally use felt or rain tarpaulin cover to protect.

3. Maintenance before Valve Installation

Before the valve installation to its maintenance and maintenance work mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) Put the valve in the fully open position, check its limit; Check the gap between valve body and sealing seat and the surface of sealing ring by hand touch;

(2) Ensure the normal operation of grease injection port, smooth grease injection, to report the check valve is smooth; Ensure the sealing seat groove is clean before grease injection;

(3) Use the rings correctly to carry the valve to the official cavity to be installed.

Maintenance Before Valve Operation of Natural Gas Pipeline Valves