Common Faults of Valve
  • April 17th 2023

Common Faults of Valve

Leakage of flanges and threads at valve and pipe connections. Loose flange and threaded connections at valve an……

Selection of Piping Materials in Low Temperature Environment(1)
  • April 14th 2023

Selection of Piping Materials in L

The choice of piping material in low temperature environment has great influence on the work efficiency and life of va……

Future Application Prospect of On-line Testing Method for Valves in Petrochemical Plants
  • April 12th 2023

Future Application Prospect of On-

With the development of society, the application of valves in petrochemical equipment is more and more common. ……

Domestic Inspection Standards
  • April 10th 2023

Domestic Inspection Standards

According to the actual situation of our country, the relevant departments of our country have drawn up and issued the……

Causes of Internal Leakage of Valves in Petrochemical Plants
  • April 7th 2023

Causes of Internal Leakage of Valv

There are many reasons for valve leakage, the following are three reasons for valve leakage. First, the valve l……

Discussion on the design of cryogenic piping and valves
  • April 6th 2023

Discussion on the design of cryoge

The application of low temperature pipes has extensive field. Valves in engineering design projects such as liquid amm……

The Vibration of Valve
  • April 3rd 2023

The Vibration of Valve

Some valves vibrate during use. Why?    The main reasons for vibration are as follows: firstly, incorrect valve ……

Significance of Selection and Design of Cryogenic Piping and Valves
  • March 31st 2023

Significance of Selection and Desi

Material (like globe valve material)and globe valve design standard of the low temperature pipes and valves for the ……