Bubble Method
  • December 30th 2022

Bubble Method

This paper introduces the basic principles of several different valve leakage detection methods, and briefly introduce……

Considerations on Ultra-low Temperature Valves for Liquefied Natural Gas
  • December 28th 2022

Considerations on Ultra-low Temper

In summary, with the rapid development of liquefied natural gas terminal, factory gasification station and transport s……

Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (3)
  • December 27th 2022

Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Le

Valve is the control part of oil and gas pipeline like gas pipeline ball valves, its function is to change the pipelin……

Greeting from ZJCLV-Wish You Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  • December 24th 2022

Greeting from ZJCLV-Wish You Merry

Wish you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spen……

DBB(Double Block &Bleed) Valves
  • December 23rd 2022

DBB(Double Block &Bleed) Valv

Working principle  The double block & bleed valve has two seats supporting a floating ball. Under the pressure of ……

Valve Sealing Structure Protective Measures
  • December 21st 2022

Valve Sealing Structure Protective

In order to ensure the effect of valve sealing structure, it is necessary to improve the protective measures. This nee……

Middle Flange Seal
  • December 19th 2022

Middle Flange Seal

At low temperature, it has good resilience and mechanical strength, and small linear expansion coefficient. The middle……

Leakage in Ball Valve
  • December 16th 2022

Leakage in Ball Valve

Valve internal leakage is a common fault of natural gas pipeline valve. Therefore, it is important to have fault analy……