External Damage of Valve
  • June 19th 2023

External Damage of Valve

External damage is a common obstacle in the common failure of valve. External damage due to material defects. The valv……

Valve Maintenance Management at Construction Stage
  • June 7th 2023

Valve Maintenance Management at Co

In the construction phase, the valve of natural gas pipeline should be maintained in a scientific and effective way to……

The Development of Thermal Spraying Technology
  • June 5th 2023

The Development of Thermal Sprayin

After years of development, China’s thermal spraying technology has made great breakthrough and progress, and ma……

Other Maintenance Technologies
  • June 2nd 2023

Other Maintenance Technologies

When abnormal valve operation(globe valve operation) occurs, a certain amount of cleaning fluid can be inject……

Selection strategy of common valves in chemical design
  • May 31st 2023

Selection strategy of common valve

In order to improve the advancement and scientificity of chemical design, we apply the selection technique of common v……

The Application of Thermal Spraying Technology in Petrochemical Industry
  • May 29th 2023

The Application of Thermal Sprayin

  In the oil industry, some drilling equipment parts, lifting equipment parts, pumps, api 607 fire safe ba……

Internal Wear of Valve
  • May 29th 2023

Internal Wear of Valve

Valve internal wear is also a common valve fault. When controlling the flow, the disc directly ACTS as a throttle valv……

Stem Leakage Maintenance Technology
  • May 24th 2023

Stem Leakage Maintenance Technolog

In general, the ball valve stem is not set on the upper and lower seals, so no special maintenance, but long time use ……