Measures to Prevent Valve Leakage

January 4th 2023

So, we know the cause of the valve leakage. But how to prevent and solve the valve leakage? Here are some measures to the valve leakage.

Measures to Prevent Valve Leakage

The valve design unit should be considerate. While selecting a valve, valve design shall be detailed understanding of the various types of the internal structure of the valve, oil and gas pipeline medium, temperature, flow velocity, flow rate and yard extreme temperatures, etc., Combined with the technology, operation and safety factors, such as selection pressure level and structure reasonable, diameter and material meets the requirement, is advantageous for the field maintenance of valve, specific include the following four aspects.

1) Working pressure, working temperature, environmental temperature, corrosive size of oil and gas pipeline transportation medium, whether it contains solid particles, whether it is toxic, whether it is flammable or explosive, etc.

2) Requirements of the valve on medium characteristics of oil and gas pipeline, such as flow resistance, discharge capacity, flow characteristics, sealing grade, etc.

3) Oil and gas pipelines require valve installation dimensions and external dimensions, such as nominal size, connection mode with pipelines like flanged ball valves, installation dimensions, external dimensions or weight limits, etc.

4) Oil and gas pipelines have additional requirements on valve products’ reliability, service life maintenance and explosion-proof performance of electric devices.


In short, valve leakage has a variety of reasons, which requires valve production enterprises, construction enterprises and relevant departments in the production, design, procurement, supervision, acceptance storage, installation and use of various measures to prevent, minimize or avoid leakage phenomenon.

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Measures to Prevent Valve Leakage

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