Introduction of Common Valves (3)

October 26th 2022

Besides gate valve, ball valve and globe valve and so on , plug valves, diaphragm valve and check valve are also very common valves. This paper mainly introduces the last three valves.

Introduction of Common Valves (3)

1.Plug valves

The plug valve is driven by the valve stem to make the plug body rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the pipelin with the advantages of good sealing, sensitive control, fast reaction speed, low working noise and so on.

2.Diaphragm valve

Diaphragm valve structure and working principle and other valves have obvious differences, is the use of rubber film and plastic film to achieve control function, the application of diaphragm valve in the pipeline medium must contain hard suspended matter, at the same time for pipeline pressure also has a certain limit.

3.Check valve

Introduction of Common Valves (3)

Check valve can keep single direction flow of pipeline medium, prevent backflow of medium, suitable for corrosive medium and pipeline with high pressure, also can be used in chemical sewage treatment system, with high economic value and practical value.

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