Introduction of Common Valves (2)

October 17th 2022

From the previous passage, we can simply understand of the globe valve and throttle valve. Next I will introduce the gate valve and butterfly valve.

1.Gate valves

The main components of gate valve are stem and disc, and the disc will move up and down under the drive of stem. Although the gate valve has good tightness and strong regulating function, its large volume, complex structure and long maintenance time are greatly restricted in the application of chemical system.

2.Butterfly valves

In the role of vertical rotation of the switch control, butterfly valve mainly plays a role of cutting and interception in the pipeline. The structure of butterfly valve is simple with strong ability to adapt to the environment. Control effect is more ideal.

Here are our gate valve and butterfly valve.

As the china DIN globe valve factory, ZJCLV also produce ball valve and butterfly valve. See more:

Introduction of Common Valves (2)