Introduction of Common Valves (1)

October 12th 2022

If we want to know how to choose valve, we need to learn the type of the valve and know the common valves. Here are several types of valve.

1. Globe Valve

Introduction of Common Valves (1)

The Stainless Steel Globe Valve


The globe valve is the downward closed valve, and the stem is the power device, which can drive the valve to move in a specific track to achieve the function of adjustment. The globe valve is widely used in chemical pipeline because of its simple structure, low price and convenient maintenance. At the same time, the globe valve also has some disadvantages, such as poor regulating performance, special requirements for media, and large energy consumption when the valve is opened and closed.

2. Throttle Valve

Throttle valve is commonly used in chemical production throttling components, the main functional parts of the valve disc, the rest of the structure is roughly the same as the globe valve. The advantages and disadvantages of throttle valves can be referred to the globe valve.

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