Internal Leakage Occurred during Valve Operation

March 8th 2023

There are five reasons for internal leakage during the valve operation.

Internal Leakage Occurred during Valve Operation

The causes are as follows:

(1) Improper operation or maintenance did not follow the corresponding procedures for management and maintenance, may cause leakage in the valve;

(2) On the pipeline or valve maintenance, due to improper cleaning measures caused by damage to the sealing surface or the lack of regular maintenance or use, so that the valve seat and ball fixed, when forced to open and close the valve damage the sealing of the valve;

(3) Large diameter ball valve like 3 way ball valve generally have stem stop block, if used for a long time, stem and stem stop block because of corrosion causes a large number of iron filings, dust or impurities between the accumulation, so that the valve cannot restore the original position and cause internal leakage.

For example, the extended stem of the buried valve causes corrosion or impurities falling onto the ball valve, which will affect the rotation of the ball valve and cause the ball valve to fail to return to the original position, causing internal leakage of the valve.

Internal Leakage Occurred during Valve Operation

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