Internal Leakage during the Construction Stage

February 8th 2023

When analyze the cause of the failure, it is according to the time period of the failure.

The reasons are as follows:

(1) In the process of carrying out the transport and lifting of the valve, improper operation techniques are likely to cause the overall damage of the valve, leading to the leakage of the valve;

(2) In the valve factory did not do the necessary drying and anticorrosive treatment, make the sealing surface of the valve rust, the occurrence of internal leakage;

(3) Rain, sand and other foreign bodies due to the construction process of protection measures not in place into the valve body, thereby causing internal leakage;

Internal Leakage during the Construction Stage

Metal Seated Ball Valve

(4) The installation process of the valve seat lubrication protection effectiveness is insufficient so that debris into the valve seat, and then due to wear caused by internal leakage;

(5) Valve installation process requires welding procedures if the valve is not fully open, welding spatter will cause damage to the ball, and with welding spatter ball in the process of work will accelerate the valve seat damage, resulting in internal leakage. For example, valve tightness may be affected when the stem drive sleeve or other components are misaligned at a large Angle.

Internal Leakage during the Construction Stage

Rising Stem Ball Valve

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Internal Leakage during the Construction Stage