Incoloy 800

February 3rd 2023

Incoloy 800

Product Introduction

800 alloys typically contain 15-25% Cr and 30-45% nickel and contain small amounts of aluminum and titanium.

All the 800 alloys are in austenitic zone after fast cooling at high temperature.

The alloy has high chromium content and enough nickel content, so it has high resistance to high temperature corrosion.

In chloride, low concentration NAOH aqueous solution and high temperature and pressure water, it has excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, so it is used to manufacture equipment for stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Incoloy 800

Alloy 20 Globe Valve

Application Field

(the incoloy800 is widely used in various industrial fields where the temperature does not exceed 550℃.)

1.Heating pipes, containers, baskets and chains used in sulfuric acid pickling plants.

Seawater cooling heat exchanger, Marine products pipeline system, acid gas environment pipeline.

2.Heat exchanger, evaporator, washing and dip tube in phosphoric acid production.

3.Air heat exchanger in petroleum refining

4.Food engineering

5.The chemical process

6.Flame retardant alloy processing and heat treatment for high pressure oxygen applications

7.The chemical industry

8.Nuclear generator

9.Heat exchange equipment, heat exchange tube

Incoloy 800

Metal Seated floating ball valve

Incoloy 800 Features

Mechanical Properties:

Incoloy 800 has the following characteristics.

Good stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Good resistance to spot corrosion and crevice corrosion, good oxidation resistance and non-oxidation thermal acid energy.

It has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature up to 550℃.

Certification to manufacture pressure vessels at 450℃.


Hot working

1.The temperature range is 1200℃ ~ 950℃, and the cooling mode is water quenching or rapid air cooling.

2.In order to obtain the best performance and creep resistance, solution treatment should be carried out after hot processing.

3.The materials can be directly fed into the furnace which has been heated up to 1200℃. After enough heat preservation time, the materials can be quickly taken out for thermal processing within the specified temperature range. When the material temperature falls below the hot working temperature, it needs to be reheated.


Cold working

1.The work hardening rate is greater than austenitic stainless steel, so we need to select the processing equipment. The cold processing materials should be in the state of solid solution heat treatment, and the intermediate annealing should be carried out when the cold processing quantity is large.

2.If the cold processing quantity is more than 10%, the work piece needs to be treated with secondary solid solution.