Improvement Effect of Valve Sealing Structure

April 17th 2023

From the improvement of the valve sealing structure can be seen that, after the actual application, there is a relatively good application effect, will not affect the flow rate of valve channel medium, there is a good sealing effect, for the valve sealing surface damage cannot be repaired the problem has been effectively solved. When the valve has internal leakage, it can solve the practical problem by replacing the worn sealing pad, which has a good saving effect on the cost. Soft sealing gasket and hard seat sealing surface will form a sealing bonding surface, through the improvement of the previous rigid and hard sealing into a soft and hard sealing, so that the sealing area can be effectively increased. When the sealing surface of valve seat is slightly damaged, the soft sealing gasket can be compensated by adjusting the opening degree of valve screw. Through the application of improved valve sealing structure, the globe valve maintenance is more convenient and the cost is lower.

Improvement Effect of Valve Sealing Structure

Metal Seated Ball Valve

For the improvement of butterfly valve seal structure, also has a good effect, to ensure the quality of structural design, extend the service life of the bi-directional metal seal butterfly valve, can also reduce the use of unit valve replacement frequency, so as to effectively reduce the overall cost, reduce the working intensity, improve the working efficiency on the whole.

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