How to Remove Ball Valves?

July 2nd 2022

No matter how good the quality of a valve is, it still has the service life. But how the ball valves can be disassembled? Today, let’s help you solve the ball valve problem.

For Safety, the Following Matters are Required to Do Before Disassembly:

① When removing the valve, the hand cannot contact the valve inner cavity. The remotely operated valve will close at any time to harm the operator.

② Shall be aware of the media in the pipeline and if in doubt, verify with the relevant concerned.

③ Contact media shall wear protective clothing or corresponding equipment in accordance with conventional requirements.

④ When the valve and pipe are pressure relief, open the valve before it is removed from the pipe, and empty the pressure that may remain in the valve, leaving the valve in the open position. After removing the valve and before decomposition, place the valve vertically, open and close the valve repeatedly, and discharge the residual medium.

⑤ Seal seat and body rating – the safe and correct use of this type of valve mainly depends on the rating of the seal seat and body. Know the rating on the nameplate. This type of valve has many seal seat materials to choose from, and the rating of some seal seat materials is less than the valve body rating. The overall rating of the valve body and seal seat also depends on the type, specification, seal seat material, bolt material and stability of the valve. The working conditions of the valve cannot exceed these ratings.

Disassembly Process:

① Position the ball valve right body flange down to the work table and turn the stem to keep the ball valve closed.

② Unscrew and connect the flange nut and remove the left valve body.

③ Remove the sphere from the right body chamber (do not touch it).

④ Remove the seal seat from the left and right valve body.

⑤ Remove the stem retaining rim and the ball valve wrench.

⑥ Unscrew down cover and two bolts, remove the positioning block and cover.

⑦ Remove the stem from the right body chamber.

⑧ Removes 4 fillers from the mouth (1 top, 2 middle and 1 lower).

⑨ Remove the gasket from the right valve body.

⑩ Remove the thrust gasket from the stem and remove the upper bushing from the pressure cover.

Check all parts for damage or corrosion, and  replace sealing gasket and damaged, worn or corroded parts, and then repair damaged parts.


How to Remove Ball Valves?


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