How to Better Fat Injection

February 27th 2023

The most scientific method of oil like ball valve oil transfer valve is to pass grease through the valve port before delivery, which can prevent the valve from internal leakage or sticking problems. Thoroughly clean the closed system with cleaning fluid. If the valve has serious internal leakage, it should be cleaned before adding grease to check the internal leakage of the valve. If the internal leakage is more serious, the sealing grease should be injected after thorough cleaning of the system. If the system has serious damage, it should be replaced. In the valve grease, to observe the valve grease cycle, ensure that the valve according to a certain period to replace the amount of fat, and to regularly check whether the valve has internal leakage.

The pressure of the valve should be measured during the first grease injection. If the system is well sealed, the pressure gauge will show a small fluctuation. If the pointer of the pressure gauge keeps rising without falling, it indicates that the channel has been blocked. In another case, the pressure gauge shows a large fluctuation range, which indicates that bubbles are generated in the sealed system and grease needs to be injected into the closed system to eliminate bubbles in the system .

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How to Better Fat Injection

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