How Long do Ball Valves Last?

July 7th 2022

About Ball Valves


How Long do Ball Valves Last?

Ball valves are applied to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of medium in the pipeline. Rotating 90 degrees and a small rotating torque can close tightly them. Recently, developments have designed ball valves to throttle and control flow, such as v ball valves.

Generally, the life expectancy of a ball valve is 8-10 years. And usually the longer its life is, the lower the cost.

Ball Valve Life

Any ball valve will have wear as it in the process of use. In most cases, rotation consists of a 1/4 turn of a horizontally mounted shaft. The ball valve will lose its function due to wear and tear and its original function after being corroded.

Methods of Extending the Life of a Ball Valve


Ball valves provide on or off control for gases and liquids. Try to avoid abrasive media or media containing suspended particles so as to reduce ball valve wear. For  it often causes valve seal failure and leakage. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of medium to prolong the life of the ball valve.


The type of liquid or gas determines the material of the ball valve. The materials of valves should be compatible with the temperature, pressure rating and chemical composition of the medium flowing. Different materials are suitable for different working environments.

3.Temperature and Pressure Ratings

The valve media pressure and temperature influence the type of valve materials you use. As the media temperature increases, the pressure decreases, and vice versa. These factors combined with cycle frequency affect the longevity of the ball valve.


Ball valves can be manually operated or actuated. Manual ball valves require the operator to turn a lever or handle on top of the valve. Because the operator must control the valve, these are not the right choice for high cycle applications or valves located in hard-to-reach places. In most applications, actuators will last longer than ball valves.

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