DBB(Double Block &Bleed) Valves

December 23rd 2022

Working principle 

The double block & bleed valve has two seats supporting a floating ball. Under the pressure of the medium, the ball itself will produce a certain displacement, so that pressure to the outlet of the valve seat ring, the sealing effect.

Floating ball valve according to the structure can be divided into one-piece ball valve structure and split ball valve structure.

DBB(Double Block &Bleed) Valves

API 6D Floating Ball Valve

Double block & bleed valve is designed to replace the complex form of multiple valve connections in traditional piping. Reduce leakage points in the system, quickly realize emission and shutdown functions.

Double block & bleed valve greatly save the installation space. Simplified setup. Reduce pressure in the piping system. Convenient instrument cleaning and maintenance reduce cost.

DBB(Double Block &Bleed) Valves
Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve

Design features

Simple structure, good sealing performance, small torque.

Reduced diameter and diameter structure with lower flow resistance design (actually 0).

Low leakage packing.

Fire protection, anti-static, anti – stem rush design.

Lock device.

ISO5211 top flange.


Products are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical, Marine, petroleum, natural gas, gas, pharmaceutical and other industries in the hydraulic system pipeline.