Current Valve Internal Leakage Detection Method

March 15th 2023

At present, the main methods of valve leakage inspection at home and abroad include manual inspection, ultrasonic inspection, vibration analysis based inspection, etc.

1.Artificial monitoring: rely on human feeling and experience, judgment lack of scientific basis;

2.Acoustic testing: valve leakage is a jet process, accompanied by jet noise;

3.Thermodynamic monitoring: heat exchange of leaking working medium through the pipe wall and insulation layer leads to the rise of pipe wall temperature;

4.The more leaks, the higher the temperature;

These detection methods have the advantages of high positioning accuracy and low false alarm rate, for the valve external leakage is more obvious, and the valve internal leakage is more complex, because the leakage cannot be found in time, cannot achieve online monitoring.

Current Valve Internal Leakage Detection Method

Ball Valve Insulation Cover

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Current Valve Internal Leakage Detection Method