Ceramic Valve Structural Characteristics

June 23rd 2023

1) The thickness of valve shell exceeds the national standard GB, JB and ANSI standard data requirements, and the chemical elements and mechanical properties of the main body meet the national standard requirements. Shell three – section structural design, solid body, beautiful appearance.

2)The valve stem material chemical elements meet the national standard requirements, fine grinding, surface corrosion resistant nitriding or conditioning treatment, to ensure that the valve stem has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

3)Built-in buffer compensation elastic washer, to ensure stability and good sealing. And in containing impurities, it is not easy to jam and cause the ball to break.

4)Full lining hard sealing surface contact ceramic ball valve all contact with the medium are structural ceramic materials, its chemical stability and extremely high hardness (hardness HRA88 above, second only to diamond) characteristics. Therefore, ceramics have high compressive strength, high wear resistance, excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good heat insulation performance.

5)To precision grinding technology and advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing production. The valve structure is simple, the flow channel is smooth, the medium flow resistance is small. The hard sealing ceramic inner part is composed of six pieces of scientific and reasonable design. The contact processing of valve ball and valve seat surface makes the ball and the inner R and outer R closely combined. The ball circle precision is high, the surface quality is good, and the whole valve torque is light, resistance is small, and the sealing performance reaches zero leakage.

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