Ceramic Valve Product Introduction

September 14th 2022

The application of ceramic materials to industrial valves is a bold and beneficial innovation. Ceramic materials have little deformation and much higher binding strength than metal materials. Generally speaking, the crystal ion radius of ceramic materials is small, and the ion electricity price is high and the coordination number is large. These properties determine the tensile strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus and hardness of ceramic materials are very high. Ceramic itself, however, “brittle” and difficult processing limits its scope of application of recent decades, due to the martensitic phase transformation toughening technology, composite material science and technology development and progress of the concept of nanometer ceramics made of pottery and porcelain “brittle” has been greatly improved, the toughness and strength has been greatly improved, expanding application range.

New ceramic materials in the petroleum, chemical, mechanical and other fields of application is very active, using ceramic wear resistance, corrosion resistance to make wear resistant parts instead of metal materials, is one of the important development direction of high-tech materials market in recent years.

Ceramic Valve Product Introduction

The Ceramic Ball Valve

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