Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (3)

December 27th 2022

Valve is the control part of oil and gas pipeline like gas pipeline ball valves, its function is to change the pipeline section and the direction of oil and gas medium transportation, with the functions of flow diversion, cut-off, throttle, check, shunt or overflow, pressure relief and so on. So, the third cause of valve leakage is the packing.

Some pipeline engineering valves in order to prevent gas, liquid materials and other media leakage, set the valve stem part of the sealing device that is packing. Valve leakage can be caused by gland tightening deviation, packing bolts not being tightened properly, too little packing, wrong packing selection and incorrect packing installation method.

Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (3)

Ball Valve Packing

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