Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (2)

December 12th 2022

Except for this reason of the valve quality, the installation of valve flange also can cause the leakage. The following are three reasons why valve flanges are improperly installed.

Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (2)

Flanged Ball Valve

The first one is the pipeline engineering valve installation fastening nut screw number is not consistent, not uniform or wrong gasket selection, so that the gasket is too thin to cause the tightness after the compression is not enough to play a sealing role. The medium leaks outside the valve body under the action of pressure.

Cause Analysis of Valve Outside Leakage (2)

Ball Valve Installation

Secondly, the pipe support system subsidence, position or improper adjustment of the support system and other reasons, resulting in the pipeline flange section and valve flange section is not parallel or dislocation, in the installation of the pipe flange and valve flange between the stress, resulting in sealing gasket cannot be fully compaction and filling, and lead to transmission medium leakage to the body outside.

The third one is the installation of valve flange without fastening to the standard torque value, flange sealing surface scratches and radial groove or other defects, bolt wire and other reasons caused by loose bolts and flange sealing surface local loose, transmission medium under the action of pressure leakage to the valve body.

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