Austenitic Stainless Steel

October 21st 2022

This paper mainly discusses the austenitic body stainless steel in liquefied natural gas ultra-low temperature valve application, to analyze the austenitic body stainless steel in low temperature or even ultra-low temperature working conditions of the use of the situation.

Austenitic Stainless Steel

ss globe valve

Ultra-low temperature valve material needs to have strong stability and toughness, in order to ensure that it in low temperature or ultra-low temperature working conditions will not cause deformation due to phase change, the impact on the sealing of the valve. In general, the body centered cubic structure with low temperature brittleness, good low temperature toughness of face-centered cubic structure, apply face-centered cubic structure of austenitic stainless steel as the valve disc, seat and body material, due to the above materials do not have low temperature cold short critical temperature, therefore can under the condition of low temperature showed higher toughness. At 26℃ ~ -265℃, the yield strength and tensile strength of austenitic stainless steel will increase with the decrease of temperature.

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