Application Points of Valve Sealing Structure

December 7th 2022

In the application of valve sealing structure, attention should be paid to strengthen attention from several aspects. Valve can’t work in a small degree of opening, and the valve needle is relatively slow to start. Therefore, when the opening degree is small, the throttle interval is relatively small. In addition, it can appropriately expand the screw pitch of the locking mechanism, increase the opening speed and lift of valve needle, further increase the opening degree of work, and effectively extend the service cycle of the valve.

Practical application of the valve seal structure, the use of medium temperature for valve cycle is easier to impact, high medium temperature is easier to shorten valve life. In the process of concrete use, shall not apply as far as possible the valve working under high temperature and medium, pressure relief valve to increase cooling device, it can effectively extend valve life cycle. Impurities should be avoided, which will affect the service life of the needle valve. In addition, the need for regular cleaning and filtration of high pressure media, add liquid needs to use filters to implement filtration, use more times to properly shorten the cycle of use, do a good job of cleaning the oil tank, only from these aspects get full attention, to ensure the application quality of valve sealing structure.

Application Points of Valve Sealing Structure

Ball Valves for High Temperature Applications

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