Causes of Valve Leakage (2)

April 10th 2021

From the previous passage, we know the two causes of the valve leakage. In this passage we will know another two causes of valve leakage.


1. Specific Pressure of Sealing Surface

The specific pressure of the sealing surface may improve or damage the sealing performance. First of all, too large specific pressure will easily cause damage to the valve, while too small specific pressure will lead to poor sealing reliability. The selection of specific pressure will directly affect the tightness, so it is necessary to find the best specific pressure parameter of sealing surface through parameter calculation or a lot of experiments.


2. Physical Properties of Media

The physical properties of medium such as temperature, viscosity and hydrophilicity are important factors affecting the sealing performance of valve. For precision valves, temperature will have a small impact on the size of the material, resulting in a change in viscosity, resulting in a complex and unpredictable impact on sealing performance. Therefore, the temperature compensation function of the valve seal will be greatly improved.


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